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    So since I’m finally getting GTA V, what are your thoughts on mature games like GTA? I’m obviously not going to record anything from it. I can parent my kids through some occasional curse words or violence, and even played GTA before with the sounds off as a fire truck, driving around putting out fires, with my older two. But it’s out of the box for me, and I’m pretty sure you all (the nerds specifically) are more conscientious parents than I am about such things.

    Do they offend? Does hearing about how amazing the game is color your perspective of someone? Do you play GTA?

    -Al the Curious

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    i just finished GTA V my self. supposedly its a parody of Americana but it seems just to be a veneer to enable it to be as offensive as possible to make it look edgy. personally i have no problems with that either, today’s world requires some desensitization and ignoring certain topics doesn’t make them go away it just leaves your kids open to misinterpreting them imo. it is an interesting subject tho.

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