Favorite thing you've built?

///Favorite thing you've built?
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    We’ve all done things we just want to burn down. It’s a part of the creation process, for me. And I think we’ve all built that One Thing that we simply step back from and smile. So, what have you built that you truly loved, even if no one else understood? What have you built that you feel proud of? And pictures if you have them!


  • Al StaysHome
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    Back before we got into modpacks, I had multiple mods set up for my kids and I to play with. Ars Magica 2 was the big one for me, and still has a delightful place in my heart. And hopefully in my future gaming. So I built a floating castle, with a portal from my lair in a crevasse up to it. My kids were SO jealous, and always trying to break into it. It had large towers, the spire top ones, with only slabs to parkour out to them.

    I did build it over a lake, though. For all the falling I did. 🙂 But no images that I know of, for this was before even screenshots were something I knew of. Someday I will build another one like it.


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      yeah ars magica 2 was great but so buggy as well.

      i cant put my finger on a single build, I’ve done so many over the years, but if I’d get pushed on it before modded i made a medieval city in vanilla and i had a house there that was just perfectly made, it was pretty small but it was so detailed and i had a work corner where all my things were the exact distance that you could use them without having to move an inch. i bet if I’d see it today I’d say WTH is this awful thing.

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    I finally got my old screenshots gathered up so here it goes. I didn’t start this topic by the way, lol.

    The First one is a house I built shortly after we first got jungle trees. I grew 4 2×2 jungle trees and used them for the corners of my house. Nothing fantastic but at the time I thought I had done something amazing. A fond memory.

    The second was a huge glass sphere. I made this one completely legit in survival mode. I had planned on filling it with trees and flowers and such but just never got around to it.

    Next isn’t anything crazy but it was the first large house that WoQ and I built together. I was proud of the design at the time.

    The last one is probably my favorite. This was built in creative but it consists of thousands of blocks and many hours of work. This tree is HUGE! it had a secret entrance at the base and had a whole inside structure.

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    If these work … HB should remember this well.

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