Episode 001 – Flippin' Clooney

///Episode 001 – Flippin' Clooney
Episode 001 – Flippin' Clooney 2018-01-01T12:41:25-05:00

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    Tell us what you thought of this episode! Join the discussion! Tell us we’re stupid and don’t know what we’re talking about!
    Topics: Channel update; Batman actors; Animal sexual harassment; Video game covers; Bad sci-fi and fantasy movies; Clickbait; Rich people hobbies

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  • Qeelin
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    Just for the record my Batman list looks like this:

    1. Adam West (honorary rank)
    2. Michael Keaton
    3. Lego
    4. Christian Bale
    5. Val Kilmer
    6. Ben Affleck
    7. George Clooney

    "They are all good people and a ton of fun to watch on their YouTube channel, I am proud to be a 4NerdsGaming fan. (All true)."


    • Happybandit
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      That’s probably my order too, or at least very close to it

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