Apple sucks….the end

///Apple sucks….the end
Apple sucks….the end 2015-07-20T18:44:01-05:00

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    Since no one else has jumped on this one I will take the first stab. As many of you know I am not in any way a supporter of any Apple product. I will admit that they make a high quality product, but that is about the only thing positive I have to say about them. This topic being about Android vs. iOS I will try to limit my complaints to phones only.

    Apple can be summed up in one word, Proprietary. From their ridiculously strict rules on app developers to their refusal to use any standard ports, they are the very definition of the word. I’m surprised that they allow standard 3.5 mm headphone jacks on their phones. They stick a giant middle finger to everyone and insist on not playing with others.

    Android on the other hand is very friendly to app developers. The options for phone models, brands, styles, and whatnot are far and wide. They tend to be early adopters of the latest technologies. Phone developers listen to the market and respond quickly to what the demands are. The phones are typically cheaper than Apple products with faster processors, larger screens, and more features.

    I will never own an Apple product, especially a phone. Most people don’t even look at any of the things that I mention above, they just want what their friends have. Sheeple.

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  • WifeOfQeelin
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    The title made me giggle.
    My husband is very passionate about his anti-apple stance …

  • Oracle .
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    i very much agree apples design ideas are not bad but the philosophy that guide that company makes me hate them with a passion. i also wont touch a single apple product until their philosophy changes.

  • Vasil Traykov
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    Same here. If I need to choose between Apple and Microsoft… I am choosing Linux. 😀
    Btw what do you think about the Ubuntuphone, FirefoxOS, etc. ?

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