4NerdsCast – Episode 009 – Bobble Hunter

//4NerdsCast – Episode 009 – Bobble Hunter

It’s episode 9 of the 4NerdsCast! This podcast is available to you in multiple ways. Get the full audio here. To listen to it broken up into 2-3 parts with gameplay footage thrown over the top, visit Youtube.com/4NerdsGaming. We’re really excited about this new direction and we would love your feedback. You can reach us via e-mail at 4nerdgaming@gmail.com or any of our Twitters: @4NerdsGaming, @Happybandit, @Qeelin, @WifeofQeelin, or @Laura_the_Great. There also will be a thread in the forums for discussion of each episode.


Topics: Winter Olympics, Curling, Combining Events, Yodeling, Fire spider, Secret inheritance, Naked hunting, Suspension of disbelief, Gator tosser

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