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New RIT Update! Rift In Time 1.8 UHC

Hello Darlings!! The Lammas are BACK! And in full force with their brand new update for Solitary Craft Rift In Time. This update is completely different than anything else the Hilammas have done. Rather than filled with terrifying creatures and tons of technology (um ... and bees ...), this time the pack is more player-based, [...]

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Second Day of Single Life! Exploring the OceanCraft Mod! (Minecraft LOVE #3)

The Wife goes on an adventure while discovering the Oceancraft Mod. Mistakes will be made and ... History repeats itself a little ... Should The Wife stay in this world or go back to the village in the first world? Comment below and let us know your vote! Minecraft LOVE created by LPmitKev and is [...]

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